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Meet Bruce McCandless. He’s a bit of a bad-ass. 

In 1984, Bruce was aboard the Challenger Space Shuttle and became the first human to walk in space without a safety line.

By utilising a nitrogen propelled Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), he stepped free from Challenger into the blackness of space for a 90-minute space walk and wandered as far as 97 meters from the ship.

The result is this amazing image which captures ingenuity, innovation and most certainly bravery.


Image Credit: NASA


Space Shuttle Challenger on pad.

Someone posted this photo on Facebook long ago. Date, source is unknown for me, Google image search has failed, maybe it was scanned from a book or magazine. Any idea where is this photo from?


Ship of Dreams

It all began on a clear night in 1610 AD. Galileo Galilei caught glimpses of four bodies that would later bear his name — the Galilean Moons. Because Jupiter’s largest satellites were so bright, Galileo called them, “stars.”

Over the centuries, Europa, the most luminous of all the Galilean moons, has provided an abundance of mysteries. These culminated in what may have been a literal explosion in December 2012, when a cloud of water vapor was seen 20 miles over its south pole. This eruption was tiny on the cosmic scale, but enormous in its importance to astrobiology.

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